ZLDA Custom Straps V2


Nowadays all available foot straps follow almost the same principle: although these are (possibly) ideal for trick riding they bring disadvantages for some. They are expensive, heavy, chunky and often look too massive for your daily commuter fixed bike.

The lastest update from ZLDA combines all in one – they are ultralight, have the same width as all the trick-straps, are extremly stiff, have a sophisticated look and in the end they are affordable. The special angle in the foreholding part of the straps allows entering most easy while the tighter rearward part of the strap fixate your foot onto the pedal. The ZLDA V2 are made of ultrastrong and extrawide seatbelt material and uses as little hardware as needed . The only metal ring allows easy adjustment while riding – but at the same time an additional piece of fabric under the ring protects the crank from scratches.