The Silverado is one of WTB’s most iconic and revered saddle shapes. Light-weight and slim, the design oozes speed while proving to be incredibly comfortable. Ride a Silverado and you’ll quickly know what everyone’s raving about.



- Long, tapered nose and flatter platform provide ample real estate for shifting positions.

- Optimized padding-to-weight ratio make the Silverado a hit across all disciplines, including road.


Usage: Adventure road, Gravel, Cross Country, Enduro, and Trail

Sizing: Narrow (135 x 280 mm)

Color: black

Rails: cromoly 

Rails color: metal and matte black
Weight: +- 265 g
Details: Microfiber Cover / Flex-tuned Shell / HLX Padding


Titanium rails

Nearly as light as carbon, titanium rails are able to flex without losing structural integrity, making it a great material for saddle rails. 


Cromoly rails

Increased strength and less weight make cromoly steel a noticeable upgrade over traditional steel rails. The perfect choice for bikepackers.


Flex-Tuned shell

The Flex-Tuned shell boasts an exceptional mix of comfortable flex and firm efficiency. Not as supple as the Soft-Shell and not as stiff as the Carbon Composite Shell, Flex-Tuned saddles provide the happy medium that is ideal for most enthusiasts. 

HLX padding
Al-new HLX padding is 30% more shock absorbent than polyurethane. That should translate over a pretty plush ride. Comparable to putting a memory foam topper on your saddle, it’ll be most interesting to those who prioritize squishiness over weight savings. Cromoly saddles with medium and thick levels of padding feature the added comfort of HLX+ Gel padding, which uses strategically placed gel inserts in areas where a rider’s sit bones contact the saddle.