The Silverado is one of WTB’s most iconic and revered saddle shapes. Light-weight and slim, the design oozes speed while proving to be incredibly comfortable. Ride a Silverado and you’ll quickly know what everyone’s raving about.

- Long, tapered nose and flatter platform provide ample real estate for shifting positions.
- Optimized padding-to-weight ratio make the Silverado a hit across all disciplines, including road.

Usage: Road, Cross Country, Enduro, and Trail
Sizing: Narrow (133 x 274 mm)

Level: Carbon

Rail: Carbon (7 x 9 mm)    

Color: Black/Gold    

Weight: +- 169 g

Details: Microfiber Cover / Carbon Shell / DNA Padding

Carbon rails
Top-tier performance and ultimate weight savings for gram-conscious riders. These rails are designed to provide optimal support at a minimal weight.

Microfiber cover

Found on most WTB saddles, our Microfiber cover closely replicates the look and feel of a leather cover. The supple nature of the Microfiber Cover allows the foam to support the sit bones without interfering with its resiliency.     

Nylon/Carbon Composite Shell
The WTB Composite shell consists of nylon or carbon fiber composite. It provides a firm and supportive feel for unparalleled performance and efficiency.

DNA padding    
Found on all of our high-end saddles, this dense padding dramatically reduces the weight of the saddle. DNA padding also tends to hold its shape better over long rides and the lifetime of the saddle, which is important for long-term comfort.