SHADOW Contender WelterWeight Tire


Shadow is proud to introduce to you our new Contender Tire, a lightweight and versatile tire that over performs on any surface. Featuring a smooth centerline, the Contender tire has a specifically designed "cut out " tread pattern wrapping the sides allowing it to roll quick on concrete, ramps, and trails while still being able to grip hard while taking tight turns and carving around bowls.


Beyond the tread, we've incorporated our new puncture resistant, high thread count tire casing, skinwall side walls, & folding bead on the Featherweight model which allows us to bring the overall weight of the tire way down making this model ideal for park and dirt experiences. We move back to our puncture resistant, 60TPI casing, thicker rubber side wall, and steel bead on the Welterweight model keeping a lighter weight but boosting the durability and reliability high for heavier sessions on street and park.


Lightweight, versatility and durability are the key components of the new Shadow Contender tires 



  • Sturdy, dependable street and all around tire
  • Extremely durable & sticky rubber compound
  • Multi surface tread design with mini cut out tread pattern for grip while carving or turning
  • Smooth centerline for better rolling resistance
  • 60TPI for maximum durability
  • Steel bead
  • Available in 20" x 2.35" and 20" x 2.20"
  • 110 PSI
  • Weight: 23.9 oz. for 2.35", 22.1 oz. for 2.20"