Inspyre would like something «really » disc brake ready that’s why the brand has decided to close up the dropout in order to avoid any bending issues due to disc brake power. This new dropout is 25% stiffer than our previous version in addition and thanks to the brand-new shape we can welding seat stays above and provide more strength. On the track you really feel the difference. With no V-Brake mounts you have no adjustment limit, SWELL dropouts offering 25mm adjustment so if you like to ride with long chain stays adjustment now you can.

Works with 50t chainring and 18t cog. No more chain sucks even in 50t wider seat stays and offer now more clearance and additional stiffness.

On the kids and cruiser models the tubes have been adapted to the needs and to the morphology of the riders. Offering a lighter frame in the Expert, Expert XL versions and a stiffened frame at the bottom bracket for the lengths of the tubes in the Cruiser versions.

DISC version incompatible with V-brakes.

Inspyre strongly advises against washing its products with a high-pressure jet.

Inspyre declines all responsibility in the event of torsion or breakage of the rear bases in the event of the Pride Racing V4 dropout not being used.

Delivered with Inspyre axle tensioner kit and Pride Racing V4 disc dropout.