After 2 years of research and development Pride Racing introduces us this new carbon fork named SLIK.

Designed in one piece for greater reliability the Pride SLIK carbon fork has a sober and elegant design. Its 100% carbon HM Torray® T700S x T800S monobloc construction combined with its polymethacrylimide polymer internal structure makes it possible to increase the strenght and solidity of the assembly.

Tested on the 2018 World Cup circuit with Jeremy Rencurel or Jeremy Bodzen


      • Material : Torray® T700S x Torray® T800S carbon fiber with PMI Internal structure
      • Construction : 100% Carbon

      Technical Characteristics : 

      • Steerer tube thickness : 4,8mm
      • Steerer tube length : 175mm
      • Fork height : 358mm
      • Offset : 30mm
      • Aluminium sleeve for M18 x 1,5mm screw
      • Steerer tube non cutable

      Tightening torques: 

      • IMPORTANT : Always use torque key
        • Compression bolt tightening : 3 Nm (Max)
        • Stem bolts tightening : 8 Nm (Max)
        • Dropouts x hub bolts : 8 Nm (Max)



      This was designed and created for the BMX RACE only.

      Compliant with EN and CPSC safety requirements. Complies with the EN 14781 standard. It is always up to the buyer to know his own limits and how we interact with him. Able to absorb a big collision. After a crash or collision, please check your fork. If you suspect that your responsibility to do so is analyzed by a professional integrity of your fork. Always respect the tightening torques. If possible, use a split race