A vulcanised rubber and waterproof nylon top saddle with carbon frame, this is the carbon version of the popular Cambium C15 model suitable for long or short distance racing or performance cycling. Weight reduction is accomplished through a continuous carbon saddle rail that eliminates performance-resistant contact points. Finished with aluminium rivets in all black, this saddle offers flexible performance for immediate comfort and all-day weather protection. Available in 3 widths, in both Standard and Carved versions, the C13 range has been developed following the test phase of our original C13, and provides a saddle for every performance rider.

The Cambium All Weather naturally flexes for superior comfort and maximum durability through a  vulcanised rubber and waterproof nylon top. Meticulously constructed in a modern aesthetic, the  Cambium All Weather is the perfect saddle for bicycles living outdoors.

Length: 275 mm
Width: 145 mm
Height: 55 mm
Weight: +- 295 g
Frame: carbon
Material: Vulcanized rubber and waterproof nylon

Ride style: MTB/Road